Genuine LG EAB64168744 G5 Braided Headphones and Handsfree With Mic (White)


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3.5mm Headset For LG  - White
This premium wired mobile headset combines excellent sound quality with minimalistic design. The canal-type earphone with aluminum deco comes in sleek black or bright white. Enjoy solid bass with low distortion and a wide, even sound range that captures a vivid, true-to-life high and low pitch sound balance that's close to hi-fi sound. 
  • Lightweight and comfortable, this enables you to carry on conversations while you continue to do other things. 
  • A standard 3.5 mm audio plug lets you use this headset with your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Features include the ability to adjust the volume, record memos and also answer and end calls.
  • The cable is made of fabric material which reduces tangles.
  • The ear plugs have ergonomic shape offering comfortable fit even for long term use.
  • 100% Genuine and Original LG product
  • Colour- WHITE
  • Item will be shipped in bulk packaging
Compatible with
LG G5, G4, G6 & any other device with a 3.5mm port