Official Nokia AC-20X Mains Charger

Official Nokia AC-20X Mains Charger


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Need a travel charger for your Nokia Lumia 635 smart phone or other similar device?  Has your original Nokia charger stopped working or maybe you’re simply looking to buy a backup charger? Look no further, the AC-20 X is perfect and even better; we endeavour to be able to sell it you at the best price!

The Nokia AC-20X is designed to efficiently charge and power your Nokia Lumia smartphones and other devices that support or MicroUSB charging.

The AC-20X is built on a common energy rating system for chargers and the charger is 5-star rated meaning it drains very little power if left plugged in after the battery has fully charged. Its compact size and lightweight construction, (1.8oz approx.) the unit makes an ideal travel charger where every spare gram and ounce counts.

  • Works in harmony with your Nokia Lumia smart phone to detect when the battery is full and automatically stop charging, saving energy and money in the home as well as reducing the risk of either the phone or charger overheating.
  • The Nokia charger is compatible with Nokia handsets and accessories that have micro usb charging connector such as the Lumia range of smartphones. It will also charge other brands of smartphone that support MicroUSB charging such as Samsung.
  • The Original Nokia AC-20X is ideal as a compact travel charger. The middle pins retracts for ease of storage.