Samsung EP-TA10UWE UK Wall Mains Fast Travel Adapter Charger

Samsung EP-TA10UWE UK Wall Mains Fast Travel Adapter Charger


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Galaxy S3/S4/S5

100%. Genuine original products that are direct replacements for those who have damaged or misplaced their original. Ideal for those who require a replacement but require the confidence of only choosing genuine original products. The Samsung Travel Adapter Charger can be used with a wide range of USB-compatible devices, including smartphones and tablets. Carry it with you wherever you go and never run out of power. Don't risk running out of power at the moment when you need your mobile phone the most. By keeping the Samsung Flat Travel Adapter Charger handy while at home or at the office, you can be sure that your Samsung device or other micro USB compatible device will always be fully charged and ready to go. Fast charging uses battery charging technology that charges your device faster by increasing the charging power, basically allowing the battery to turbo charge at an extremely quick pace when it's nearly depleted. Some manufactures promises 4 hours of battery life after just 10 minutes on the wall charger. After 30 minutes it slowly goes back to regular speeds to preserve the life of the battery, and still get you fully charged.

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