Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge EO-EG920BW In Ear Headphones (Bag) - GH59-14338A


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  • Official Samsung Headset
  • Ideal complement to the Samsung Galaxy smartphones
  • Stereo Headphone with Headset function
  • Integrated 3-button remote control
  • sleek classic design with comfortable fit
  • Connection via 3.5 mm jack
  • High quality cable
  • Excellent sound 
Sleek ergonomic design providing more comfort to wear. The new Samsung In-Ear stereo earphones make your smartphone music sounds extra amazing. This is ensured by the integrated wind and noise suppression, making this headset ideal for outdoor activities. Samsung earphones have a specific structure that is designed to avoid cable clutter and also a 3-key operation for volume and call answer features.

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